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Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, the Town of Manalapan was incorporated in 1931 by the great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, Harold Vanderbilt, and received its name from a large population of early settlers from Manalapan, New Jersey.

Measuring at just 2.4 square miles in size with 271 homes, the small oceanside town consists of only 0.4 miles of land, and 2.0 miles are covered in water. The population includes just 406 residents and 107 families, with a predominately white community. The ratio of men to women measures at 94.5 to 100, with the average age group registering 61 years old. When it comes to the financial health of the population, the median household income is $127,819, with 5.9% of the residents living below the poverty line.

The town is led by a conservative Commission-Manager local government that specializes in providing excellent service to permanent and visiting residents including fire, police, and water services. Although small, the town has managed to create and maintain its own gas, electric, sanitation, and postal services.

In 1970, Manalapan established it's own local library, which began as just a small area inside of a wooden structure. In 1981, the library had outgrown is original small location and merged into its own larger municipal building, which is now known as the J. Turner Moore Memorial Library. Today, the library is solely supported and funded by the local residents of the Manalapan community via donations, membership fees, and subsidies as it strives to continuously provide an array of knowledge, resources, and services to its residents.

Manalapan also includes a historical landmark known as the La Coquille Club, which is one of Manalapan's prime real estate locations. Originally founded during the mid-1900's, the La Coquille Club was rebuilt during the 1980's when the Ritz-Carlton was granted approval by Manalapan lawmakers to build a luxury hotel. The La Coquille Club became part of the Manalapan Ritz-Carlton as a private club for local residents who enjoyed the elegant sophistication of the Ritz-Carlton and it's beautiful oceanfront views. In 2011, the La Coquille Club underwent a modern renovation and has now merged with Manalapan's Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa, which has become one of the most desirable and exclusive beach venues in the world.

In order to maintain such population and quality control, the local Manalapan government has excelled in declining the demanding pressures of large real estate developers who wish to build within the small town. Manalapan's local government and residents choose to preserve the land and continue its tradition of maintaining a low-density community that appreciates the untouched beauty of Manalapan's natural surrounding environment.

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