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Indian Creek, Florida is a wealthy village/island of 41 home sites in Miami-Dade County. As of 2000, it was the eighth highest income location in the United States and an extremely wealthy community when compared to state and national averages. It is primarily a residential community of sprawling, beautiful, luxurious, mansions. It has been called both the "Billionaire Bunker" and a "playground for the rich." It has a council/manager style of government and is the home of the Indian Creek Country Club. In September of 2012, Forbes Magazine referred to Indian Creek as "Miami's billionaire island fortress: and praised not only its luxuriousness but its security as well.


The village was established in 1939 and incorporated in 1939. The home were primarily vacation homes for the wealthy. However, in recent years older/smaller properties have mostly given way to the construction of newer/larger homes and mansions. And, there has been a shift away from it being vacation homes to become year-round residences. The island has been home to many notable residents over the years, including art collector Norman Braman, Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima, father and son singers Julio and Enrique Iglesias, coaches Rick Patino and Don Shula, heiress and philanthropist Suzie Linder, musical artists Beyonce and Jay-Z and others.


The community spans .4 square miles and in 2010, it had a population of 86. In 2000, the median household income in Indian Creek was $61,250 and the per capita income was $46,875. By 2013, the estimated median household income was $200,000 and the estimated per capita income was $172,963. In the same year, the estimated median house or condo value was $957,712, and the mean price on all housing units was over $1,000,000. To give prospective buyers a glimpse into the housing market, in 2012, one home sold for $47,000,000 and in 2014 another sold for $28,000,000. This reveals that residents think there is no price to high for comfort, security and the home of their dreams.


There are no schools in Indian Creek, Florida. Students must attend classes in neighboring communities. The community is quiet, luxurious with lush landscaping, exquisitely maintained homes and grounds and stunning architecture. Thirty-five of the communities properties are waterfront properties, the rest are inland. Homes for sale are exclusively luxury homes. The only other Indian Creek real estate is a few gorgeous condos. To begin your home search in Indian Creek, call local real estate agent John Merrit at 561-283-3892 and see how the rich and famous live.

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