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Welcome to Hillsboro Beach, Florida! This is a small yet exciting town of about 2,000 people and it is part of the Miami metropolitan area. The location of this town provides beautiful weather all year around and has a climate defined as tropical. It is located in southern Florida very close, if not right next to the ocean! The real estate market here is thriving with many homes and condos for sale. It is a very popular location in the winter time, mostly because of the perfect year round temperature. The weather makes it a great location for retirement as well.

Going into more detail regarding the real estate in Hillsboro, there are multiple homes available to you so you can find your dream home next to the ocean. There are homes from 200 thousand all the way up into the millions depending on what you're looking for. There are plenty of options when it comes to looking for a place to live in this tropical paradise of a town. It's very close to Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach for even more access to wonderful relaxing beaches and beach related activities. There are plenty of things to do on any of these wonderful beaches. Including Surfing, Sailing, Fishing or even just enjoying a nice barbecue on the beach. You're even close enough to Miami to go for a visit anytime you'd like. The Latin culture provides a perfect vacation feeling all year round, including delicious Latin cuisine and upbeat exciting Latin music and dancing.

The population of Hillsboro Beach is mostly Caucasian, with average household earnings of $52,000 a year, making it an affordable area for many families in the United States. This is also the perfect area to look towards starting a brand new family, as it provides great opportunities in starting up your own business, or working for many of the local businesses already established. The close proximity to Miami provides a large variety job market for you and your family to select from. As mentioned before the climate of Hillsboro Beach has been described as tropical, so it will be very warm in the summer, but the best part about that is it will also be warm in the winter. Providing you and your family with year-round fun in the sun! It's a wonderful place to live, raise a family and even retire. Anyone would be very lucky to call Hillsboro Beach home.

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